July 27 Update

Hello Friends of Geneva Park! 

We've seen so many wonderful pictures and videos coming from your time at GP so far this summer, keep them coming and we'll keep sharing! 


For most of us, it's hard to put into words what GP means. It's community and connection, family, and friends, it's freedom, relaxation, learning... it's HOME. Our friends Keith and Dev did it just justice with this beautiful video! Click the image below to watch it! 


We asked you to share your "Life Lessons from Geneva Park", and this week we're going with the video's theme of "what does GP mean to you?". Here are just a few excerpts from submissions we've received: 


"I credit my years on staff as the years that allowed me to grow in confidence and maturity. I had never lived in residence at University, so Geneva Park gave me that opportunity to become independent. I challenged myself to do things I'd never done before." - GAIL COPELAND


"Over the last 55 years, I have lived in many Canadian living environments spanning from Newfoundland to Alberta although Geneva Park has been the only constant. It is the location where I have more wonderful memories than any single other location. It was where you could be your natural self, with no concern for dressing to impress or cottage aesthetics. It was where my mother had her first swimming lessons at the age of 39 and my sibling and I learned to waterski, swim, canoe, tie dye, make bracelets among so many other skills. What is more difficult to describe is the palpable spirit of Geneva Park. It is felt in all the old buildings, the water ,trees and fellow cottagers. It is felt in the rituals ( the Friday night dances, water shows, dock to dock or island to island swims and evenings listening to the bagpipes on sunset rock) . Geneva Park is where my family would convene every summer long after we had all left home. When choosing a life partner, it was essential to ensure that they too could imagine summer vacations at GP. It is a place like no other that I have experienced in my life. I am forever enriched by its traditions, it’s humane values, it’s natural beauty and incredible spirit. It has brought joy and meaning to me and my family’s life beyond measure." - LORI SCOTT LOWERY


"Geneva Park was a place to escape all of that [demanding jobs, worrying about money, the challenges of raising children etc]; three generations together. It is a safe place, both mentally and physically. No screens, no locked doors, just fresh air from morning to night, lots of room to explore the natural world and saying hi to everyone you see. Geneva Park is the epitome of “we are stronger together than we are alone” and the antithesis of “every man for himself”. Spending just one or two weeks every year in that environment not only sustained me for the rest of the year, but it shaped who I am as a person in a very positive way." - SUSAN BELL


"Over the years, I’ve returned to Geneva Park several times (with children and grandchildren), and it always feels like home. The park’s original purpose has been fulfilled many times over. Indeed, it’s positive influence throughout Canada and the world has been profound" - HARRY SIMS


Thank you to everyone who has shared their stories so far. We have many more to come, seven generations is a lot to capture in one email! We will continue to share stories as the summer progresses. 

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