July 15 Update

Hello Friends of Geneva Park! 

We hope you're enjoying some summer vacation time, perhaps at Geneva Park! As week 6 begins at the park, we wanted to share some informative updates that you will now also find in all accommodations at the park during your stay. See here for a copy! 


We've heard feedback that not every GP'er knows about us (gasp!). We'd love everyone to receive these updates directly to their inbox, and here's how you can help! 

1. Jump on the phone (yes!) and tell your GP friends about us. Send them to our website to sign-up for our emails: https://www.genevaparklegacyalliance.ca

2. Put that cottage party line to good use! While you're relaxing at the beach or grabbing a scoop at the Tuck Shop, tell fellow cottagers about us! 

3. Follow along on social media (Facebook and Instagram) and share! There's also a fantastic Facebook group called Friends of Geneva Park where you can catch up with the GP community.

Have more questions about the sale process? You can find details on the Colliers process HERE or click below for a link to the Colliers brochure about the park.  

Finally, please remember to visit our website for lots of great updates and resources, surveys and photos! We love hearing from you, so don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions! 


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